Wild Card


The success of L.I.M.E. over the past few years has catapulted our initiative to another level. We have received an overwhelming number of requests to expand the number of colleges that can participate in L.I.M.E. Thus, to make L.I.M.E. truly competitive and encourage participation of B-Schools students across the country, we introduced a concept called the ‘Wild Card Entry’
in the third edition of L.I.M.E. and will be continuing with the same tradition this year. Like in the past, a marketing challenge will be given to students who will then enter the competition directly in the semi-finals on equal grounds with the other 18 B-Schools.

Students who register for the Wild Card Entry will have access to one exclusive HUL Case Study.

Of all the entries received in this section, HUL reserves the rights to shortlist 6 teams. These teams will then come to the HUL Campus/CNBC-TV18 Studio in Mumbai for presentations and the top 2 teams will enter the semi-finals along with campus finalists from the 18 B-Schools.


  • Students must register in team of 3
  • HUL & CNBC-TV18 reserve the right to check the validity of the registration
    information submitted at any point of time
  • Any deviation from the above will result in immediate disqualification of the entire team
  • Modification of team post registration will not be allowed